in 1993 a parking system company named headline was established at wisma abadi, the same building as PT. Securindo Packatama Indonesia  (Secure Parking).
    in 1996 Headline change it's name to PT. Pancawarna Mas Solusindo.
    in 1997, PT. Pancawarna Mas Solusindo Installed a parking system in Malaysia.
    in 1998 started selling parking equipment (sample barrier gate) for Secure Parking in Indonesia.
    in 1999, PT. Pancawarna Mas Solusindo  opened a sister Company in security system named PT. Sistem Aksesindo Perdana who sells and develop CCTV and access control product.

    On February 26th 2001, PT. Pancawarna Mas Solusindo merged with PT. Sistem Aksesindo Perdana (SAP). Since November 10th 2001, SAP started to occupy it's own building in komplek Griya Inti Sentosa, Sunter, North Jakarta.
    SAP Description

    Empowering the dream thru safety, Security equipment and services

    • To be a leader in our business segment
    • Providing integrated solution
    • Value added
    • Customer satisfaction

    Vision and Mission

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