About The Products

The tripod turnstile stops and releases the pedestrians by rotating the arms. It can effectively control only one person to pass at a time. With much higher safety and reliability, it can fit in the harsh outdoor environment well. The passage width is normally restricted within 550mm and the transit speed is relatively slower. So it is suitable for ordinary pedestrians without luggage or occasions with small flow of pedestrians.

The wing gate turnstile stops and releases the pedestrians by stretching the wing. Equipped with professional sensing device and combining the independent development of intelligent identification algorithm, it can effectively detect various targets including pedestrian, package, luggage, etc. it’s also with powerful ability of tailing proof. With elegant appearance and rapid speed, it is suitable for the occasions with large flow of Pedestrians


About The Function & Application

Emergency escape function: with the emergency escape control device, the turnstile can automatically drop the arm without cutting the power (free passing without dropping arm is optional) so as evacuate people conveniently (remote control is available). Memory function for passing request: if more than more legal passing signals are provided (including same direction and reverse direction), the system will remember all the passing requests and finish each passing action successively (memory numbers and whether to choose memory function can be customized) Passing limit function (optional): net numbers of pedestrians during a specified time period can be limited in either direction by software, so as to meet staff management in some special case. Bath Setting function: software and SDK are provide for free, turnstile can be debugged and set in batch via software at the same time, with friendly human-computer interface, easy to operate.

Anti Collision function: when the arms are locked, external force cannot push the arm, and the arm can sustain the collision force within safety range. Passing mode: controlled mode / free passing mode / prohibited mode (either direction can be set independently) Working mode: normally open / normally closed (it can freely switched) Compatibility: configured with dry contact signal output interface and wide threshold level signal input interface, compatible with various access controllers.

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