The Product 

With the development of industry parking in Indonesia, and so many mall and building, then it should be able to see the business as a new business opportunity.

Because of the conditions in Indonesia can not simply adopt a parking system that is outside the country perparkiran country, then as a company that is concerned with the field of the provision of software and hardware in the field of parking since 1993 years, PT. SAP (Sistem Aksesindo Perdana) PT SAP sought to develop innovative parking tailored to the needs of the country by the year after year. Good as well as manufacturers and importers integrator in providing systems and parking equipment.

About The Function & Application

As for parking systems and equipment developed by PT SAP is more focused on:cass-concept

  • Indonesian market need
  • Increase revenue
  • Streamline cost
  • Safety
  • Durability

Those All system and equipment can be used in:manless-concept

  • Mall
  • Office Building
  • Niaga Office
  • Markets
  • Housing
  • Airport
  • Port
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